2019 Spring/Summer CSA

20 week for $550

May 22 to October 2

Wednesday Pick-up @

Texas Corners 4PM

Bair Lane Farm 3PM

2019 Fall/Winter CSA

10 Boxes for $225

October 26 to December 21

(double box on 12/21/19)

Saturday Pick-up @

Texas Corners 11AM-Noon

Friday Pick-up @

Bair Lane Farm 12PM

Three Rivers World Fare 2PM


Email www.bairlanefarm@gmail.com to sign up


How much is in each box? 

Around 8 items per box for the summer shares and 6 items per box for fall/winter including something to make a leafy salads with, an alium (onion,garlic, scallions...), something ready to eat (carrots, cherry tomatoes, hakurei turnips...) and a mix of seasonal veggies.  

What do I do if there is too much for me to eat? 

Freeze items for winter OR find a friend to split your share with.   



Summer:Payment due May 1.  Payment in full is recommended.  If, however, you need to split the payments, we will gladly accept half payments, also due May 1 and then the second half due July 18.


Fall/Winter: Payment due in full by October 13. 


Payment can be delivered or mailed to the farm, 53300 Bair Lane, Marcellus MI 49067, or delivered to our booth at the Texas Corners Market from 8-12 on Saturdays. 


Cash or check only.  Checks payable to Bair Lane Farm.